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This ‘worst maid of honour speech ever’ just went viral again and it goes straight into the jaw-drop hall of fame

There are two rules – well, probably lots of rules – if you’re giving a speech as the best man or maid of honour at a wedding. But the two we’re thinking of are: 1. keep it short. 2. don’t cause offence. And be funny, obviously (okay then, three rules).

Anyway, we mention all this because of this particular Maid of Honour speech which has just gone into orbit (and not for the first time) on Twitter. If there’s a jaw-drop hall of fame, it’s going straight in.

Just …. ooof.

And here are just a few of the many things people said this time round.

This person was underwhelmed.

Just how bad did they want it?

We’re with this person.

And just in the interests of balance and all that, this …

Source @PicturesFoIder