This classic takedown of an Instagram model/scrounger is one for the ages

Whoever came up with this internet favourite of a reply to an ‘Instagram model’ trying to get quite a hefty comp in return for a recommendation to their 3,000 followers deserves a raise.

Reddit users were almost as brutal as the club’s response.

3000 is about the number of bots that you can get to follow you, if you are enthusiastic enough with adding hashtags to your posts.

“I’m an up and coming nobody with 3,000 followers (only half who are bots and most of the rest live hundreds of miles from your club). Give me free stuff and I’ll mention your foolishness on my site so other moochers can swarm you.”

3000 followers. Pfft. My dog has 11,000 followers and he’s not fully committed to the grift. Seriously, he has paw friends with 10s of thousands. Not one of them asks for champagne.

Lol I’m a 50 year old suburban mom and I have like 3700 followers. I had no idea the revenue I could pull with my massive following. 😂

Three THOUSAND you say? right this way, my good sir! let me show you to your VIP table!

But you didn’t keep it a secret!!!!!!!!

If you’ve heard good things from the locals then doesn’t that mean the club has good advertising already?

Hi! I’m an up and coming influencer with 17 followers and over 50 views on Tiktok! I am presenting you with a unique opportunity to support my daily living needs for the next decade

Every business should just have a pinned post that says “social media influencers: NO.”

What an epic comeback.

Quirky_Dogs5869 summed up the Instagram model’s problem.

If you have to tell them yourself that you’re up & coming you’re probably down and going nowhere…


This artist gives scroungers the free pictures they truly deserve

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