There’s not enough facepalm in the world for these MAGA cultists reacting to an 8-year-old’s visit to Hooters

Walter Masterson is an absolute genius at making people with strong opinions believe that he’s one of them, while actually giving them the full mockery treatment.

Here’s how he blended in with an anti-abortion rally.


This was a weird book.

♬ original sound – Walter Masterson

He even managed to get MAGA cultists to come down on the side of abolishing the police.


♬ original sound – Walter Masterson

When he spoke to these Trump fans about the terrible trouble he had been having with ‘his son’, they definitely focused on the wrong details.


They never noticed.

♬ original sound – Walter Masterson

Bearing in mind that Walter’s imaginary son would be around eight or nine years old and these are the same people who turn up to protest about drag queens reading children’s books in libraries, the Hooters red flag is quite a detail to miss.

Once again, he had a hit on his hands. TikTok users reacted.

Bet if you said he asked the waitress what her bra size is, they’d be ok with that!
Dani G

The red flagsssss. They didn’t even notice.
Air Savage

Please tell me what you take so you can talk to these people. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Hi, I’m Wanda>

How?! How do you keep a straight face???!!! 😂😂
Natalie Hanson Willm

The fact that they had no problems up until the pronoun part. 😭

Not one eye batted when you said “first unsupervised visit” 😳
Sarah McGiver

It’s such a nice detail that you can’t remember which grade he’s in.

The irony is lost on them.

The military did step in. They left and said they preferred to be in a combat zone.

Well, priorities ya know.
Cashew Cheese

Wowza…..not a one of them caught on.

I repeated this to them so many times 😂
Walter Masterson

ur new boyfriend spotted a huge irony.

So angered by the thought of pronouns while they USE ‘they’ SEVERAL times.


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