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This entitled woman’s fury that these free plants didn’t also include delivery is quite the read

There’s a corner of Reddit called ‘choosing beggars’ which is devoted to people expecting something on the cheap or entirely for free.

And this is a classic of the genre, a particularly entitled woman who wasn’t happy enough to be getting a load of plants for free, she also wanted them delivered. Gratis, obviously.

And her escalating fury is quite the read.

Extraordinary scenes!

And these are surely the only three responses you need.

‘A bag? How dare you … ‘ vegini

‘0.8 of a mile? What with no Sherpas to guide you? It’s mid January now, how on Earth are we expected to prepare for such an expedition as soon as April? Are you out of your mind!’ runerroad

‘If they can’t handle the walk what makes them think they’ll be able to keep up with the garden work? Or are they expecting you people down at the community garden to come down and take care of them daily since they’re from your garden anyway.’ Fawlty_Towers

Source Reddit u/Grommulox Image Unsplash Zoe Schaeffer