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This brain-melting picture of 4 (not 3!) friends is befuddling people all over again

In the confusing pictures hall of fame, this picture surely belongs in the very top drawer.

It’s this classic photo of four (not three!) friends coming together for a toast and it’s taking people a long time – an awful long time – to see all four, after it was shared by Redditor NikaWasTakenMC.

Spotted them all yet?

‘I just stared at this photo for an embarrassingly long amount of time, and still didn’t see it until reading a comment that mentioned camouflage ‘

‘i still cant see it, i am blind.’

‘Immediately to the left of the bottles is a camouflaged arm with a black glove holding the fourth bottle.’


‘And that kids is why you shouldnt wear camoflage when hiking, because you arent visible from a distance.’

‘This message is brought to you by the wild bears gang.’

‘I know you’re joking, but tbh it’s probably better for the bear to see you from a distance. Startling a bear when you’re close to it is not a good move.’

‘I have said it before, and I’ll say it again: Camouflage works!’

And just in case you’re still confused …

Source Reddit u/NikaWasTakenMC Image Unsplash OSPAN ALI