Matt Shirley’s Internet Tab Cycle infographic is funny because it’s true

In case you’ve somehow missed the hilarious and very clever work of Matt Shirley, he has to be the best creator of comedic infographics on the internet.

He gives us a heads up for how to navigate each month …

He understands how the world works.

In a recent chart, he explained how we all let our browser tabs get away from us. It’s incredibly relatable.

He asked –

“Who has the record for most tabs open right now?”

This is what Instagram users said –

This hits home… Cleared 68 browser tabs a few days ago. Concerts, clothes, and aspirations

When I have more than 99 tabs open in Chrome on mobile, it doesn’t even count them anymore, it’s just 😀

Don’t forget the open recipes.

If my hubby borrows my iPad, he closes my tabs because it bothers him so badly. If only he felt the same about closing the back door during the middle of a heat wave infested with a million mosquitoes.

I have 25-30 open all the time, mostly articles I’ll read “eventually”

I think my brain has too many tabs open…I read that as jellyfish tacos.

42 currently. Trying to figure out a trip to Disney world and it’s freakin complicated. Plus, recipes and a nasa article about moons just to name a few. Can’t close em you never know

So far I am winning with 214 tabs… But not sure if that is the kind of thing that is good to win at.

abigailandthemoon had a tab-related anecdote.

Used to work at the Apple Store- had a customer complain their phone was “so slow, especially the internet”- checked…she has 514 tabs open, yes FIVE HUNDRED, she had no idea how to close them.



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