This outrageously entitled friend’s fury at being asked to pay back the money they owe will have you hollering into next week

In the outrageously entitled hall of fame, this is surely somewhere close to the very top.

It’s a ‘friend’ (sort of) who didn’t take kindly to being asked to pay back the money they owe. And their escalating fury that someone might actually want to call in their debt is a proper jaw-dropper.

‘This dude calling me a dick for reminding him he owes me $130,’ said shergenh69 who shared it on Reddit.

‘If you keep asking me to pay you the money I owe you, I’m ever borrowing money from you again!’ is quite the threat.

‘lmao he was not expecting you to actually write down those ubers.’

“Because I borrowed it, dumbass” completely missing what the word borrow means.’

‘Also, is no one going to bring up his use of Carpe Diem? He clearly doesn’t know what that means. This guy seems like a complete fucking moron.’

“The way i see it, you paid him $20 to fuck off” -Bronx Tale’

‘I need to start detailing money owed to me. I can just pull it out when I don’t want to deal with a person anymore.

‘I wish I could pay a few people just $130 so I’d never see them again.’

“Don’t worry I’m never borrowing money from you again” Ohhhhhh nooooo lol.’

To conclude …

‘Sounds like you have one less friend than you thought. Block and wash your hands of this asshole.’

Source Reddit u/shergenh69