Check out the difference between buying a coffee in the US and in the UK

Californian Andrea Celeste, who now lives in the UK, is very well placed to observe the differences between British and American habits and customs.

This post absolutely nails the difference between grabbing a coffee in the US and doing the same thing in the UK.

She added –

“You’d be lucky to get more than a single word answer in the U.K. and I’m here for it.”

And Instagram users were here for her post, but divided on their favourite manner.

Hate that fake chitchat so much.

The tipping before scares me. I feel like I’m in a hostage situation.

As a barista honestly I’d prefer less conversation most of the time and no card tip bc of all the tax doesn’t make it worth it… just give me the chump change in your pocket bc that shit adds up and now I have gas money.

I would hate the barista if they don’t even try to acknowledge me. I’ll stick to my chit chat about my day with a stranger bc it just seems polite.

UK all the way. As an introvert I hate mindless chit chat.

I think it’s nice to be served by someone who’s being nice and happy and willing to chitchat, even if it’s “fake”.

As an American its so jarring going to other countries and not being able to strike up conversations with strangers. People are so terse overseas.

Pht244 had a tip to make things better for US workers – and customers.

Tipping is getting stupid crazy in the US. Just paid the employee a normal wage.

Andrea also has a series of videos on ‘Things That Are Socially Acceptable In Enland That Would Confuse Americans’.

Like this –


Europeans have been sharing things American’s can’t comprehend – and Greggs just did the best of the lot

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