‘Your kids want candy?? They should get a job!’ – Unhinged Halloween Take of the Day

A Redditor named u/Possible_Resort9672 posted an image on r/facepalm with the heading –

‘Your kids want candy?? They should get a job!’

It was of a sign left in a window by some fiercely anti-Trick-or-Treat so-called, and it really is over the top.

See what you think.

In case that was difficult to read for anyone, here is every unhinged word of it.

‘Attention Satanic Socialists!
This is the home of a PATROTIC CHRISTIAN Family!
We work hard and pay taxes. We do not celebrate Šatan’s Day
We do not give away free candy to lazy entitled freeloaders!
No Handouts! Welcome to AMERICA!!
If you want candy GET A JOB!!
And FIND Jesus!!!!’

We thought these Redditors captured the mood perfectly.

Hope they put that same note in the plate for the preacher on Sundays.

Jesus: I literally told people to walk away from their jobs, during their shift and we lived on the generosity of others.
Also, it’s CANDY.


Didn’t Jesus give free bread & fish to the multitudes?

My 7 year old son has black lung from working the mines for money to buy candy.

Bruh, why I always gotta find Jesus? Why can’t he find me? It really makes me feel like he doesn’t want to hang out with me when I’m always the one initiating contact.

What are you guys doing for Satan’s Day this year?

If the Bible holds any truth then Jesus was a Socialist. It’s true look it up.

Scariest decoration I’ve seen.


“My kids aren’t going to have any fun as a child, and neither shall you.”

“Get a job, you commie!!” Jesus.

If you show up in a Jesus costume will you get candy?

“Hungry? You should have brought your own loaves and fishes” – Jesus

There was always a more acceptable way to avoid having to give out sweets.

Or you could just turn off the patio light. (The universal signal that we have no candy.)

Hot-Bint spoke some truth.

This house gonna get egged.

Yep. It’s called Trick or Treat for a reason.


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