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This well-aimed comeback to a snipe from the internet grammar police is one for the ages

Over on r/clevercomebacks a Redditor named u/jacket313 shared this takedown of the person who tried to shame someone for not getting a comment exactly right in their second language.

See for yourself.

People enjoyed seeing a smart alec get their comeuppance.

Damn, that was a good one.

I’d have just pumped all the insults I knew of in a different language. This person went hard and shamed the asshole. I love it.

Bro fixed his grammar just to cook my guy on high heat.

Reddit is full of pedants with too much free time

Now that’s a burn.

I’m so tired of some mean native speakers complaining about grammar or using it as a contra argument like “you can’t even write without mistakes”.

Gonna need some serious ointment for that burn.

Holy FUCK!! Classy comeback; the pedantic asshat should learn something from this. It won’t, but it should!

u/poopellar summed it up beautifully.

Damn, dude just rose Duolingo’s stock price with that.


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