This kid’s ‘technically correct’ answer to this philosophy question is a classic of the genre

There’s a whole corner of Reddit called ‘technically correct’ which is full of answers which, while they’re not necessarily the right answer, are still – you guessed it – technically correct.

And this is a classic of the genre which has just gone viral on Reddit.

‘My literal 7 year old daughter answering a philosophical question for school work,’ said kewe316.

They’ll go far!

‘The answer is hilarious though.’

‘It’s giving Tracy Jordan, “I finally understand the ending of The Sixth Sense. Those names are the people who worked on the movie!” energy and I adore it.’

‘The question should be : In your own words, what do you think Michael Jordan’s quote means?’

And it got kewe316 to share the next question (and answer) as well.

And because it got us in the mood for this sort of thing you can find a whole load more ‘technically correct’ stuff here.

Like this.

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And this.

Next level stuff.

Source Reddit u/kewe316