An Airbnb host created their own ‘cheeky’ ratings and split the internet

An Airbnb customer named u/SmallFontKing shared the version of the app’s score they spotted out in the wild.

For obvious reasons, they called it –

‘My Airbnb’s “rating” scale’

We suspect people’s opinions on the ratings could be fairly neatly divided by whether they were a customer or a host of Airbnb, but this is what Redditors thought of it.

That’s interesting, my scale has always been more like

1.) Avoid 2.) Bad 3.) Fine 4.) Good 5.) Great

2 stars if you make me do chores during my stay.

5 stars has become “anywhere between acceptable to immaculate”. There’s no scale anymore. Just good or bad dichotomy.

I managed a chain restaurant for a few years. Their surveys were on a 1-10 scale. Anything less than a nine was considered unacceptable. Couldn’t tell you how many reviews wherein the guest would say everything was perfect and rate it 8/10. Honestly, it was part of why I got out of the industry.

Perfection does not exist, but there is no higher rating possible. Between this and the Ritz there is no rating distinction.

I mean, why can’t perfection exist? I just want the host to leave me alone, and have enough towels and toilet paper.

There was a film where everything you did and every privilege you had was based on your rating out of 5.

It seemed really dumb at the time but I’m starting to get it.

Yeah, I’m still not giving you 5 stars. For 5 stars I do expect all my expectations to be perfectly met. Not exceeding my expectations is 4 stars.

This rating scale is mind-bogglingly peculiar, but undeniably captivating!

This rating scale is like a trip through the rabbit hole of quirkiness, and I am absolutely here for it!

This is the most bizarre and entertaining rating scale I’ve ever seen!

I’d rate ’em one star just for posting this. Fuck AirBnB, the people who run them and the people who use them.

You know what, I believe them.

It’s kind of annoying at first because it feels like begging for high ratings, but I don’t doubt their reasoning.

bigstevedog had seen something similar – which backfired for the host.

Yeah I had this at my last airbnb. The lady sent me a message saying that anything less than a 5 star review means it was terrible. I was like “that is not how the stars work”. I gave her 3 stars just for sending that message.

We wonder what rating missprincesscarolyn‘s nightmare Airbnb deserved.

The second to last AirBnB we stayed in was by far the worst of many stays. T

he only blanket in the house had food(?) spilled all over it, the floor was so dirty that our feet were black from walking around barefoot and the thermostat wasn’t labelled at all. The bath towels were wet.

To make it worse, I accidentally bumped the mirror in the bathroom and it fell off! Luckily, it didn’t break and we were able to remount it using a drywall toggle bolt from a nearby hardware store.

We wanted so badly to leave an awful review, but didn’t want to receive a bad review so we held off.

Oh! And this place charged us if we didn’t hand wash our dishes! A fine for each individual piece that went unwashed. There was no dishwasher.

It was only ~ $100, so the savings were great, but I’d rather pay like $20 more for a clean place. Aside from another in the heart of Oslo, it was the dirtiest one we’ve ever stayed in.


‘Is there a cap on how many rules can be displayed at Airbnbs?’

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