This furious Halloween complaint is more unsettling than any scary costume we’ll see this year

It’s Halloween time again – of course it is! – and we’ve rounded up 15 of our favourite scariest and funniest theoretical Halloween costume ideas over here.

There’s a lot more dressing up goes on than it did when we were kids, when Halloween was strictly for the, er, kids.

But surely nothing we’ll see this year will be quite as unsettling as this complaint that has just gone viral on Reddit.

‘Very concerned resident,’ said gluckgluck900069 who shared it.

And it’s quite the read.

And here are just a few of the comments it prompted.

‘Satan impregnates his bride? Someone got their bible and their harlequin novels confused.’

‘Dude I want to see your house.’

‘They have one plastic pumpkin on their porch.’

‘I’m pretty sure Satan fucks his wife more than once a year. Just saying.’

‘It’s time to double down!’

‘Print this and add it to your display.’

“Get fucked, like Satan does this time of year” – a reasonable response.’

Source Reddit u/gluckgluck900069