This guy was upset his girlfriend kept buying ‘immature crap’ and the internet spoke as one

Relationship dilemma of the week is surely this, a guy who was upset that his girlfriend – his particularly successful girlfriend blessed with a not insignificant disposable income – kept spending her money on ‘immature crap’.

He did what all right-minded people unsure how to proceed in a relationship do – he asked Reddit, specifically the bit of Reddit called AITA – ‘Am I The Asshole?’

And it turned out that yes, he was indeed an asshole. Quite a big one, in fact.

‘She’s got her master’s and is making 6 figures in her mid twenties. She’s fine, bro.’

‘She will be even better, once she ditches the loser.’

“Once she is fired from her fancy tech job“

‘Thank goodness he’ll be there when her life inevitably falls to pieces! /s’

‘Mid twenties girl with six year degree in ultra high demand field with unlimited prospects, six figure income, and NO STUDENT DEBT decides to finally treat herself to small indulgences.

’35 year dude that can’t spell irresponsibility with the aid of spellcheck;

‘”You’re being immature, and no I’m not an Asshole.”

‘Way to fuck up a GREAT thing, you COLOSSAL asshole.’

‘I mean, I’m gay, but she sounds awesome. This dude is a fucking loser lmao.’

Source Reddit u/No-Boysenberry8090 Image Unsplash Ivan Didenko