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This ‘entitled American’ trying to order brunch when it’s no longer brunch got exactly the treatment she deserved

Latest in an occasional series focussed on the (mis)adventures of Americans abroad comes this woman trying to order brunch in a restaurant when it’s no longer brunch.

The clip has gone wildly viral on Twitter for reasons which will surely become obvious, and people had thoughts – lots of thoughts.

But first, the video, posted by @Travis_in_Flint who said: ‘When the American entitlement doesn’t work in other countries. Does this anger or embarrass anyone else?’

And while we work out exactly what was going on – and how humanity has arrived at this point – these people surely said it best.

There were plenty of people saying it was staged or done deliberately for clicks, but we’re not sure that makes us feel any better.

Source @Travis_in_Flint