John Bercow’s verbal dissection of the character of Boris Johnson is well worth another listen

On February 14th 2022, Sky News’ The Great Debate asked an apt question for the day.

Would you send Boris Johnson a love letter or a letter of dismissal?

The former Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, responded with a verbal destruction of Johnson that was so far from sitting on the fence, it wasn’t aware that fences exist.

Ahead of the former PM’s appearance at the Covid Inquiry, @implausibleblog shared it again.

It’s well worth a listen.

“He’s a narcissist, he doesn’t do the detail. He’s ritually dishonest, having a nodding acquaintance with the truth at best, only in a leap year”

Sadly, the clip won’t be played to Johnson in the hearings, but it got a thumbs up online.

We endorse this message.


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