Forget lip-syncing – this dancer ‘body-synced’ the Jingle Bell Rock scene from Mean Girls to perfection

Canadian social media star, choreographer and dancer Pierre-Émile Lemieux-Venne has a thriving Instagram account where he recreates iconic dance scenes from films. And we don’t mean he dances along …it’s so much more than that.

As it’s the season, we thought we’d show you how Pierre-Émile took on the Jingle Bell Rock scene from Tina Fey‘s classic coming-of-age film, Mean Girls.

Prepare to be blown away.

Simply stunning – and very funny.

You have no business pulling off those boots as well as you do.

Absolutely Brilliant….you need to do Mariah ‘ All I want for Christmas ‘ please…..♥️♥️ well done, another fab performance.

Yessss it’s the extras in the audience that kill me.

The part where he imitates the mother is superior hahaha I loved it.

I ran from entering in the Christmas spirit this early, but I guess this is another sign for me to embrace it.

Oh my God!!!! I died with the radio.

One of your best performances.

Somebody had to say it – and that somebody was la_magam.

That’s so fetch!

If you know, you know.


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Source Pierre-Émile Lemieux-Venne Image Screengrab