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Hugh Grant tied with Andrew Garfield for our favourite red carpet Q&A of 2023 and they are so different yet so British

Another year, another 12 months of unimaginably wealthy people walking up and down red carpets to receive a trinket for which they have already been rewarded beyond our wildest dreams.

And the pre-awards ceremony Q&A – traditionally the blandest of the bland – has been given a shot in the arm in the social media age. Finally, an upside of Twitter!

We’ve spent far too long thinking about whether Hugh Grant or Andrew Garfield should win our favourite red carpet moment of 2023 – and when we say too long, we mean almost a minute – so we’re calling it a dead heat.

First up, here’s Andrew Garfield talking to the Golden Globes official host, Amelia Dimoldenberg.

People loved it, they really loved it.

And it would take a mighty talent to even come close to that, let alone equal it.

It’s time for your close-up, Mr Grant.

It’s Hugh Grant and model Ashley Graham, just in case you don’t remember, at this year’s Oscars.

And here’s just a flavour of the response it prompted from over the Atlantic.

Both moments so different and yet both so ineffably British.


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