This Daily Mail piece about Gregg Wallace’s domestic routine might be even better than the Telegraph’s – 9 delicious highlights

You might already know by now how Gregg Wallace shared the extraordinary details of his Saturday routine with the Daily Telegraph.

It’s pretty much the only thing people have been talking about the last day or two (we exaggerate, but only a bit).

Here are just a few of the things people said about it.

And we mention it again not just because we we loved it so much, but because it got people looking for other nuggets about Wallace’s home life. Including – very much including – this Daily Mail piece.

And they didn’t disappoint.

1. ‘Yes that Gregg Wallace interview is gold but have you seen the to-do list his ex-wife had to write for him each day? My sister and I still talk about it most weeks’


2. ‘This is all gold but I can’t get over this Greg Wallace line to his in-laws’


3. ‘This is insane’


4. ‘Accidental Partridge’


8. ‘It appears he has form with Partridge-esque articles’




7. ‘My god Gregg.’




And if that’s put you in the mood for more of this sort of thing – much more …

To conclude.


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Source Daily Mail