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Gregg Wallace’s remarkable Saturday routine got people enjoying Princess Margaret’s next-level decadence all over again

No-one anywhere needs reminding of Gregg Wallace’s remarkable Saturday routine which went viral for reasons you surely won’t need reminding of (but just in case, fill your boots).

We mention it again – again! – because not only did it have the effect of people enjoying Tom Hollander’s life in the day all over again.

But it also got the Guardian reminiscing about Princess Margaret’s morning routine, circa 1955, which was shared back in the day (and by back in the day, we mean seven years ago) by author and journalist Gareth Roberts back in the day.

‘Vodka at noon! Is Princess Margaret’s decadent lifestyle the antidote to Gregg Wallace’s joyless routine?’ asked the Guardian. And it’s the very definition of rhetorical.

Wot? No Harvester?

Source @OldRoberts953 H/T Guardian