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This unlikely microwave kitchen ‘hack’ is both the best and worst thing you’ll see this week

The problem with kitchen gadgets, as no-one anywhere needs reminding, is the amount of space they take up on your worktop (unless you’re fortunate enough to have a bleedin’ great big kitchen, of course).

So maybe this unlikely microwave hack is the answer, surely both the best and worst thing you’ll see this week.

‘Definitely a male solution in my friend’s house,’ said johnadamsteve who shared it over on Reddit.

Now that’s what we call a grand design. Others, it’s fair to say, were not so sure.

‘Only issue i have with this is that when it breaks they’re gonna have to carve out the wall to replace it.’

‘Looks like they store the baby under the stairs too.’

‘I love and hate this so much.’

‘I, too, love my stair to smell like a hot pocket.’

‘Don’t microwaves usually instruct to leave space on the sides and top? So isn’t this a bad thing?’

‘There’s technically a lot of space everywhere other than the wall section.’

Source Reddit u/johnadamsteve