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“I’ve just eaten 20 Creme Eggs in one sitting… What shameful things have you done lately?”

Meanwhile on r/CasualUK, a Redditor named u/MrHolte had an extraordinary claim – and a question.

I’ve just eaten 20 Creme Eggs in one sitting… What shameful things have you done lately?

He shared the evidence.

Normally, at this point, we’d have expected people to confess to ‘shameful’ behaviour and we’d pick our favourites to share with you. This time, however, Reddit users were far too gobsmacked by the whole ’20 Creme Eggs’ claim, and these reactions say it all.

I feel like you might run the risk of having blood in your sugar stream.

That’s 100 teaspoons of sugar!!

Honestly just distracted by those wrappers. Did you manage to get them all out without tearing any foil?

Of course. I might be greedy but I’m not a savage.

Used a knife and fork too.

I’m just waiting for the Oompa Loopas to turn up and start singing to you about gluttony.

I have type 1 diabetes, and I know for a fact that eating too much sugar cannot cause type 1 diabetes, but I still am 99% sure you just gave yourself type 1 diabetes.

Have a diet coke, it will cancel the calories out.

I love creme eggs and I’m a known sugar fiend. But my god after 5 I’m gagging for water and feel pretty yucky. If OP really ate all that then I’m honestly amazed.

Absolutely! It’s like reaching the summit of Mount Everest but instead of oxygen levels dropping, it’s my self-control. By the 10th egg, I was basically in a sugar-induced state of euphoria, making each subsequent egg taste like victory.

Is …everything ok at home?

All good in the hood.

I accepted £6.25 from a pensioner who wanted to see my left nut at the back of Gala Bingo in Scarborough, but I feel like a saint compared to eating 20 creme eggs. Enjoy digesting those ya Cadbury Monster.

Make sure you brush your teeth.

This sounds like a physics/maths question: Mr Holte eats 20 creme eggs in one sitting. Each egg is 40 grams. How many grams did he eat, and then express that in another unit.

Approximately equivalent to the weight of a small domestic cat or 1.76 pounds of pure, unadulterated joy.

If we’re going for the scientific community’s respect, let’s express it as 0.8 kilograms of ‘E=mc^2’ where ‘E’ stands for ‘Eggs’, ‘m’ for ‘massive consumption’, and ‘c’ for ‘Cadbury’.

Are you posting this from beyond the grave? I don’t understand how somebody could still be alive.

You better be lying because that’s 578% of your RDA for sugar.

One question, why did you eat 20? I understand they’re nice, but 20?

I’m no quitter. When I start something, I mean to finish it!

So you’re the reason why they bring Easter stuff out early.

Reddit user butterUK had a confession.

I paid to watch someone eat 20 creme eggs on a secret webcam.



Someone tried to shock the internet with the sugar content of Creme Eggs – 17 sweet reactions

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