Life facepalm

This persistent online seller just didn’t know when to stop and it’s hilariously exasperating read

In our big book of common words and phrases, we’ve just found a new definition for ‘can’t take no for an answer’.

It’s an exchange which has just gone viral in the corner of Reddit called ‘mildly infuriating’ and – seriously – mildly isn’t the half of it.

‘Some people just don‘t know when to stop …’ said Maakster who shared it.

After all that it’s still not a bot? Seriously? Extraordinary scenes.

And yet lots people blamed the original poster for being sarcastic and not just saying ‘no’. Like this person, for instance.

‘You invested too much time in your attempt to be “sarcastic”. The person stopped as soon as you said you were not interested. You see? When you communicate well, it’s so much easier.’

And this person.

‘I honestly would not have figured the sarcasm here. I’m sure they would have understood if you just said “no” from the getgo instead of pretending to be interested.’

And this person!

‘Next time just say NO, dumbass op.’

Tough crowd.

Source Reddit u/Maakster Image Pexels