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The Amazon reviews for this ‘Holy Spirit Board’ are a font of delight

Very possibly you hadn’t thought about logging onto Amazon in your quest to make contact with the Afterlife or the Almighty.

But think again, because this ‘Holy Spirit Board’ which, it says on the box, enables you to ‘communicate directly with Jesus Christ!’ might be just the ticket.

We mention it after some of the reviews it’s been garnering were highlighted on Twitter by @DWLundberg.

Here they are in full.

And they didn’t stop there.

‘Perfect for anyone. Or is it?

I used this and did get in contact with Jesus, he asked me to do some strange things, the most difficult was to sacrifice a live goat in the garden which was very messy but I did it !

‘After this he told me the winning lottery numbers for the next 2 weeks !!!!

‘I am now a multi millionaire but strange things are happening in my new house at night, I expect it’s just the plumbing or something but quite frequently I hear weird moaning noises and the other morning all my glasses and crockery were broken and scattered everywhere, anyway I don’t mind too much as now I can afford to replace all breakages every day !!
M M.


‘I am concerned that children are being introduced to a realm of evil without being old enough to know what they are accessing. If adults want to play with fire that’s a different matter. This kind of spiritual filth is wrecking lives.’
Amazon Customer

‘Blasphemous!! Do NOT buy

‘If you believe in Jesus and Hid you know that the only way to speak with them is through prayer, reading the bible and going to church. This is a demonic trap which no one should fall into.

‘Stay away, stay safe and pray instead ❤️❤️✝️’

‘Absolutely brilliant ignore the bad reviews

‘I’m a collector of spirit boards and love the idea of this one it’s actually well made the board is very easy to use and slides perfectly.

‘The cross is the jewel in the crown of this board for sure it’s beautifully made a lot of thought went in to making it the cross slides easily with very little touch.

‘You can use this board like any other spirit board just make sure to protect yourself by saying arch angel Micheal prayer have a bible open on psalm 91 to keep any astral nasties away.

‘And off you go practice makes perfect for anyone giving this board a bad review well all I can say is it’s not blasphemous at all, Jesus worked magic just like the days of old and consulted mystics alike.’

‘NOT the Holy Spirit but another spirit – beware

‘This board is encouraging ‘speaking to the dead’ which is expressly forbidden by God. It’s dangerous and deceptive because you might think you are hearing from ‘someone’ but it won’t be God. Jesus NEVER said he would communicate in this way, in fact it’s condemned in the bible.

‘Do not buy it!’
Tricia Booth

We’ll probably stick to Cluedo.

Source @DWLundberg