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The Telegraph said Stephen Colbert didn’t ‘warn’ the Palace about his royal jokes and the whole of America replied as one

As you will probably know by now, the American media has been a little bit more – what’s the best way of putting it? – forthright in their discussion of the on-going Kate Middleton saga.

Late Show presenter Stephen Colbert was especially happy to delve into the detail of what may or may not be going on, in clips you might have seen widely shared on social media.

That’s not why we’re here – well it is – but we’re mostly here because the good people of the Daily Telegraph weren’t happy about it, they really weren’t happy at all.

Headlined ‘Watch: Stephen Colbert mocks furore surrounding Princess of Wales’, the paper said the royal family had ‘become comedic fodder for [the] TV host following the Mother’s Day photo admission’ and said he had repeated an ‘endless stream of false allegations’.

‘The satirical weeknight show is filmed in New York and regularly tops the US late-night talk show ratings, regularly attracting more than two million viewers.

‘It is not readily accessible in the UK but clips were posted online and the segment concerning the Princess was shared widely on social media.

‘It is thought unlikely to go down well with Kensington Palace, which has struggled to quash social media speculation in recent days and is not thought to have been given advance warning about the segment. A spokesman declined to comment.’

The bit about ‘advance notice’ doesn’t now appear in the online version of the story (but did appear in the initial print version).

And here’s exactly what the whole of America – well, a large part of it at least – made of all that.

To conclude …

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