Life books fails

This hilarious ‘men writing women’ fail is surely a user’s guide how not to do this sort of thing … isn’t it?

Literature is littered – littered, we tell you – with abdominal instances of men trying and abjectly failing to write convincing women characters.

So much so that there’s a Twitter account dedicated to it – @menwritewomen – and a subReddit devoted to nothing but (r/MenWritingWomen, since you ask).

But we’re not sure we’ve ever seen an example quite so jaw-dropping as this, an excerpt which went viral after it was shared by author @JessGraceWrites on Twitter.

And here it is again, just in case it’s tricky to see in full.

And we weren’t the only one who thought it was surely a guide how NOT to do it. Isn’t it?


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Source @JessGraceWrites