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One dad has gone viral for his unorthodox but effective way of stopping a toddler tantrum in its tracks

When Kat Bonny‘s daughter Olivia was with the family at an airport, the toddler’s patience began to wear thin – understandably – and tempers frayed.

Dad was ready for her. See how he handled it.

@pubity And the father of the year award goes to #Pubity (@Kat Bonny via @collab ♬ original sound – Pubity

According to Kat, it’s a tip he picked up from the dad in Bluey.

The clip, which was originally shared last August, has gone viral after being boosted by Pubity, picking up almost 21 million views, as well as more than 5,000 comments. Here are a few we enjoyed.

The way she immediately started laughing as she was being placed under arrest tells me this ain’t her first arrest.
Lee Ah

Dad of the year!!

That’s a pretty cute way to de-escalate.
Mr Aye Aye Ron

The tiny temper tantrum is super cute tho…. IT’S MY TEA.

I used to pick my kids up, hug them tight and jump up and down … told them we needed to shake the grumpy out of them.
Patricia Monaghan

This is how to deal with tantrums!! Not everything has to be a lesson! We have to teach kids the easy way to forget some frustrations.
Isabel Lopez Trigo

She was still concealing some attitude!!! Hefty fine for missy.

Whatever works. Gotta outsmart these kids, lol.

With toddlers the “art of distraction” is a talent you gotta learn!
Ashley Knapp

Judge orders her to go to sleep for 3 or 4 hrs.
mc menace 1 Arizona

It’s not a perfect system.

I did this to my 3 year old and she screamed even louder “BUT I DONT WANNA GO TO JAIL” lmao doesn’t work for all of em.

Amber Grayy had a question.

If a child refuses a nap is that called resisting a rest?


The reasons for this TikToker’s toddler’s tantrums are absolutely hilarious

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