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‘Asked a stranger to film my jump and this is what he sent me’

When Reddit user Doppel2meme jumped from a great height into a river, he asked an obliging stranger to capture the big moment.

That’s not quite what happened.

Asked a stranger to film my jump and this is what he sent me
byu/Doppel2Meme inmildlyinfuriating

He made quite a splash. At least, we presume that was him.

Reddit users were pretty tickled.

Ah you’ve met my father!

That is a really nice steel beam though.

Tbf this is more comically bad and funny than infuriating.

Yeah, honestly I really had to laugh when I first saw it.

Haha, he was trying to to film you and look what you did, hiding it behind the beam!

Afaik he jumped in a net behind the beam and then threw a rock into the water.

Yup, this video was taken in my hometown actually and me and a few friends spectated it. Really interesting setup with the rock and all.

Edit: He also shit himself mid-air.

TBH he did film the actual Jump. The fall, not so much.

The pillar is clearly the main Character in this film.

To be fair. Looked like just a simple jump. Like no flips?

Dude, the guy did like three flips and a twist, touched his toes, and slipped in the water like a dolphin.

It’s too bad that beam blocked our view from this Olympic feat.

It seems the poor videography made the clip so much entertaining than it would have been.

People jumping into water: seen it before, boring.

People jumping into water behind a post/beam: you son of a bitch, I’m in!

This is infinitely cooler and more watchable/shareable than a standard jump lol.

Anyone can jump, but not everyone can make comedy gold!

Good time to learn that nobody actually cares to see you jump into water, the same way people don’t care to see people’s videos of fireworks on New Years/4th of July. This video ended up more significant than it would’ve had it gone as planned.

It reminded people of this bit of spectacularly unfortunate timing.


Just when this train fan’s timing can’t possibly get any worse, along comes the chef’s kiss

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