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‘What is the most memorable thing a teacher ever said to you?’ – 22 life lessons

Over now to Redditor bigpussystance who took to r/AskUK with this query.

What is the most memorable thing a teacher ever said to you?

They added –

I left high school at the end of my fifth year. I’m in Scotland so high school is 6 years and I left because I was miserable. I had to get my current teachers to sign off my leaver’s form and my last one was my English teacher. She was also my morning registration teacher for several years as well as my English teacher.

She hugged me goodbye as I was about to leave and told me she thought a girl who I could NOT stand was always a bitch and it made me laugh as she said that since she’s officially no longer my teacher she could tell me what she finally thought of a student. Made me laugh and made leaving high school a little heartwarming as I always loved her. She was one of the few decent teachers there.

The question hit home with many people, resulting in hundreds of replies, including these –


My old maths teacher when I told him I was off to university to study civil engineering:

“Well I hope I never drive over a bridge you’ve helped design”.
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“I’ll be honest, Kate, in a few months time none of this will matter and you’ll never have to see these people again.”


“If you are bad at rugby, you will lose to the other team. If you are bad at swimming, you will drown and you will die”.


I was in year 5, being a prick during a class, playing the joker. Teacher yelled my name out but rather than tell me off, said “there’s a time and a place”.

It completely confused 9 year old me. I spent the rest of the lesson trying to understand what it meant lol. It was such an effective way to neutralise me. It wasn’t especially profound but I always think about it.


Copying out of one book is cheating. Copying out of three books is research.


3rd year at high school parents night, my mum sat down with my modern studies teacher. He proceeds to tell my mum how disruptive and rude I am, generally describing me as a little shit without swearing. My mums jaw hit the floor as did mine and she looked at me in horror. He started cackling like a banshee, and told her I just thought you’d be sick of hearing of how good she is and what a model student she is in school by this point! Everyone laughs and I realised teachers could actually have a sense of humor!


“Your best bet is going to work for ICI because you’ll be set for life then.”

It shut down 3 years later.


We had French exchange kids over and they were chattering away in French. One of them said something in French to him, and he shrugged and responded “Aaah mais non, je ne give a toss pas”.
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“In a swimming pool all the noise happens in the shallow end”.


My sports teacher: David is rather uncoordinated.

It was,and still is, the absolute truth.


In year 7, from my maths teacher:

“People who are older than you aren’t cleverer then than you. They just have more experience.”