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Liz Truss said the Daily Star was the ‘London elite’ and the paper’s front page response was first class

As you’ll probably know by now Liz Truss has been doing the media rounds this week in a bid to shift a few more copies of her book, How To Last Just 49 Days in Downing Street.

And it’s fair to say it hasn’t always been going entirely well for her.

And we mention it again because of this exchange with the BBC’s estimable Chris Mason in which the former PM was asked about those magnificent Daily Star front pages asking whether Truss would last longer than a lettuce.

You remember.

And here’s what Truss had to say.

And the suggestion that the Star was the ‘London elite’, it turns out, was as much a surprise to them as it presumably was to you. And their front page response was first class.


Oh yes – we’d missed that.

Last word to the @dailystar.


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