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James Blunt had the best response to the Daily Mail’s desperate take on those runaway horses

You’ll have seen by now the story of the five runaway horses that brought central London to a standstill on Wednesday.

Two of the military horses from the Household Cavalry are in a ‘serious condition after injuring themselves running through the rush-hour streets of the capital, with four people taken to hospital.

And we mention it because of the bizarre but exceedingly Daily Mail angle which was seized upon by the Daily Mail (obviously).

‘The escaped horses that have run loose in central London are from the regiment that singer James Blunt served in.

‘The horses are from the Life Guards, one of two regiments of the Army’s Household Cavalry. Blunt served in the regiment in the 1990s after training at Sandhurst military academy and went on to see active service in Kosovo.’

Didn’t see that coming.

But he did have the best response.


We wish everyone involved – on two legs or four – the speediest of recoveries.


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