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The way this mole walks is simply the best cuteness overload you’ll see today

If you have a lawn, you’re probably not the biggest fan of moles.

The tiny, velvet-furred creatures that live underground are renowned for burrowing up to the surface, creating molehills and spoiling the appearance of the lawn.

Like this …

@katieeeeeeeeeeee92 Catching a mole in action ruining our fresh garden how do you get rid of them?! #mole #garden #newbuild #fyp #ohno #foryoupage #viral ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

But because they’re perfect little digging machines, their limbs aren’t well adapted for walking, which makes it really cute when they try.

Moles are so specialized at digging, they can’t walk very well.
byu/No_Emu_1332 inEyebleach

Reddit users loved seeing the little creature’s rocking gait. Here’s what they said about it.

I’ve never seen a mole walk above ground before. It’s adorable!

My mind is having a hard time believing it’s real hIS LIL FEETS.

He’s doing his best.

“This stupid AIR and lack of resistance, but I’m getting there.”

I mean this in the most affectionate way possible, but what a ridiculous creature.


This is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen! Saving for a blue day.

25 million years of evolution, plenty of time to fine tune the body to the fine art of living underground.

Cute lil nugget doesn’t stop trying though!

They waddle!

They do look a lot more cuddly than what I’d pictured in my mind. And its feet are so close to its head, little guy’s adorable!

That’s just his fancy walk.

It walks like how little kids make their toys walk.

kayakityak voiced the dilemma.

They’re so adorable, but I hate them so so so very much.

While coffeemagic might have doomed their own lawn.

I have a funny mole story.

I rescued one from drowning in my swimming pool. I didn’t want the dog to get it either so I brought it to my front yard and put him on the grass. He instantly burrowed down and disappeared below the surface, in like seconds.

I did not think that through! btw, I now have one of those floaty thingys that help critters escape from drowning.


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