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This woman wouldn’t take no for an answer on Tinder and her staggering parting shot is an absolute jaw-dropper

To the world of online dating now, where it can sometimes be as difficult telling someone you don’t want to see them again as it is to see them in the first place.

We say this after this exchange went viral when it was shared by Redditor vestsarecoatamputees who said:’She wanted to hook up again. I didn’t. Holy coping mechanism.’

And her parting show was an absolute jaw-dropper.

And they got all the responses they deserved and more.

‘Writes a whole unhinged paragraph Her: “Did you get my last message?”. Jeez all of this just makes me cringe so hard.

‘I would’ve asked what message.’

“Did you get my last message?”

“Yeah, I thought you were giving yourself a pep-talk and didn’t want to interrupt.”

“I figured you would sober up and realize how insane it was, I was being polite and giving you a chance to pretend you didn’t send it.”

‘Wow. She comes across really meanhearted. I’m so sorry OP. Think of it as a bullet dodged, definitely walk away.’

‘This is textbook negging. “Oh you don’t want me? Well you’re ugly and stupid and no one will ever love you”.

‘Yet you were good enough for her to message for casual sex? This is more than coping from rejection, she’s just miserable.’

‘She’s the one accusing you of overthinking, meanwhile she’s got you living in her head rent free! lol.’


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Source Reddit u/vestsarecoatamputees