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Men have been sharing the ‘normal’ things a woman said to them that are as creepy as hell – 17 absolute don’t-go-theres

A few days back we featured a question posed on Reddit about the supposedly ‘normal’ things that men say to women that are actually as creepy as hell.

Well now men have been sharing the ‘normal’ things that women have said to them that they found creepy as hell after TurbulentAir asked this.

‘Men, what’s something women say that they think is okay but is actually creepy as hell?’

And it’s quite the eye-opener.


‘I have large hands ring finger size is 16 and I had a lady tell me once that I had sausage fingers and that she wanted to sit on them.’

‘I have small baby hands. Too bad we can’t average em out.’


‘Can I touch your beard and proceeding to do so without waiting for an answer. Unless you’re my wife or one of my kid nieces the answer is no by the way.’

‘Had this happen many times, usually not even with a “can I touch” first and just “your beard looks so nice” and immediately running fingers through it.’


“Don’t throw the condom in the toilet. Dont worry I won’t go fish it out of the trash hahaha.”

‘I get from a plumbing standpoint why you want it in the trash, but once you add the second part…’


‘That’s like serving someone a meal and saying “don’t worry, it isn’t poisoned” apropos of nothing.’


‘When they proudly say they are crazy and want a guy who can handle that.

‘Yeah, there is nothing okay about being proud of that and they should seriously consider getting help if they legitimately think they are unstable. There is too much liability being affiliated with a woman like this.’

“If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best”

Something tells me your best isn’t that much better than your worst.

I’ll just not handle you at all.’

‘I’m bald, and was the only man who worked a front facing position at a local clinic in a town with an aging population. The older/elderly women constantly wanted to rub my head, or be very inappropriate in general when speaking to me. The women in the office laughed about it until I pointed out how I would always step in and cover for them or drive off the creepy guys for them, and this was no different.

‘Don’t get me wrong, the creepy men said and did far worse things to those women than the old women ever did/said to me, but they still made me uncomfortable. Last year or so I was there they started helping me hide from the worst of the harassment. That was nice.’


‘I don’t know about “women” but I had a female manager interviewing me for a job telling me they were PRO sexual harassment at the workplace, wink wink, nudge nudge. I was…22? She was 50, easily.

‘That fucking sucked.’


‘Here’s a tip:

‘Asking a man what he has under his kilt is just as bad as asking a woman if she’s wearing anything under her skirt.

‘Even worse are the women who feel entitled to check. Hasn’t happened to me, thankfully, but fellow kilt wearers have had pretty bad encounters before.’


“I want a gay best friend”

‘No, I’m not a fucking accessory.’


‘This is kinda specific to me and those in my situation, but I share the last name of a famous serial killer (VERY distantly related). some women get waaaaay to excited when they find out.

‘The amount of true crime fans who ask me on a date/said yes when I asked because of that has meant I literally have taken it off facebook and don’t tell people at first. Even a few months in Ive gotten ‘haha lol I only dated you cause it would be wild to be Mrs serial killer’.

‘It’s creepy, it makes me feel worthless and yes, I know EVERY DETAIL of what he did, because of course I do everyone sends me the link anytime there is a new doco out. Please don’t add my last name to your FB just cause we are dating. No I won’t f*ck you while we watch a doco on him.’