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Someone claimed men’s hobbies are purely designed to attract women, and the internet begged to differ – 23 funniest comments

Ed Latimore used to be a heavyweight boxer, but these days he shares his hard-won wisdom in books, a newsletter and on social media.

But, before you rush off to sign up for the emails, here’s a sneak peak at the type of nuggets he’s doling out.

Someone with half your IQ is making 10x as you because they aren't smart enough to doubt themselves.

 Looks matter more than anything else. Any other trait a person says they like, just assume the statement "If I like the way they look..." is a silent precedent.

Have you actually seen anyone complain about the black Little Mermaid?

I've seen a lot of people complaining that people are complaining, but I've yet to see one of these racist posts.

I swear, they're manufacturing controversy. And by they, I mean the woke white liberal.

Perhaps he’s better at giving boxing tips.

A recent pronouncement has been getting a lot of attention, and by ‘attention’, we mean mockery. Here’s what he said.

Something a lot of men don't like to admit:

All of your hobbies and ambitions are to attract women.

Nature doesn't care how much personal fulfillment you get from them. Those things are cool, but they're a coincidental positive externality to the prime objective:

To keep the species going.

He’s like the Poundland Andrew Tate, when Andrew Tate is already the Poundland Andrew Tate. These responses tell a very different tale about hobbies.