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The Telegraph blamed the housing crisis on William the Conquerer and of all the funny comebacks, this historian said it best

To the Daily Telegraph now, where the paper has helpfully identified the real cause of the housing problem gripping Britain right now and making it so incredibly difficult for first time buyers to get on the market.

Yes, it’s all William the Conquerer’s fault.

Well, that’s some Norman wisdom we did’t seen coming.

‘When William the Conqueror was shaping his new kingdom in 1066, the plight of 5 million leaseholders a thousand years in the future wasn’t even a distant consideration …’

The article, such as it is, prompted a whole heap of very funny and totally on-point replies.

But surely no-one said it better than historian of religion and belief and much else besides, Dr Francis Young.

And we’re very glad to say it didn’t stop there.

To conclude …


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