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‘What’s the most bizarre rule you’ve had to follow in someone else’s house?’ – 19 head-scratchers

We’re grateful to u/ok-marzipan6892 for this question about the oddities of other people’s customs.

What’s the most bizarre rule you’ve had to follow in someone else’s house?

It takes all sorts to make a world, and Allsorts to make Bassetts a going concern – so there’s no judgement. Well, maybe a little bit.


When I was little, my friend's mom would not let us drink at the same time as eating because she said it was a choking hazard to mix liquid and solid???
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Kids not allowed to bring any books with anthropomorphic characters into the house. We could play with Legos for hours, but were banned from bringing a Richard Scarry big adventure book, or any material with talking animals, or animals wearing clothes.

The mom didn’t want ‘her children growing up thinking that cats and dogs wore sweaters’. I hated that house.


When I was a kid in Sweden in the 80s …family dinners were for family only and I had to wait in my friend’s room until he had finished eating. I was starving.


At my best friend’s growing up (middle- H.S), if we wanted to go do something together like go to the lighthouse or visit the old sugar mill ruins , we had to write a research paper first. We would give our papers to my friends mom and then she would decide if we could go or not.


Had a friend who kept plastic Ziploc bags on his SNES controllers. While playing.


My best friends had a “girl’s bathroom” and a “boy’s bathroom”. The boy’s bathroom was in the parents’ bedroom
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“No pringles, they catch fire too easily”.


Women were not allowed to wear pants or shorts at my uncle’s house. Anytime my family visited, both mom and I had to wear a skirt or dress past the knees. Also no open-toe shoes, no make-up.


Was in someone’s house doing some work. I was not allowed to drink soda directly out of my can. The lady provided a glass to pour it into.



I was probably 9 or 10, a girl staying the day with my friend that was a boy. His dad came in and asked a question and I answered, “Yeah.” Friend audibly sucked in a breath before his dad swung around and screamed, “How many times do I have to tell you, the answer is ‘yes sir ‘?”