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‘What’s the most bizarre rule you’ve had to follow in someone else’s house?’ – 19 head-scratchers


Absolutely no petting the dog. This was at my friend’s house when we were kids. No body was to pet, touch, scratch, or feed the Dog. I guess it was some kind of forbidden Dog or something. I dunno. I never understood it.


Had a friend in middle school who’s mom would not allow anyone to take their shoes off in the house. Not even the family, until they went to bed at night.


No talking during dinner time. Weird because this was enforced by the dad who was NEVER HOME!


When I was an exchange student in Wisconsin in the eighties: I didn’t realise for months, but they all just used whatever toothbrush they could grab, including mine. Got zero sympathy, but vetoed that shit hard. Barf.


I briefly lived with a woman whose rule was that I was NOT allowed to use the bathroom in the morning before her. She had a long morning routine and if I had to pee, too bad.


Was at a girl’s house. Guys couldn’t get their own drinks or food a girls had to bring it to them. WTF! I can walk two feet to the fridge.


My friend's mom was adamant that we were NOT to fold a slice of pizza to be able to pick it up and eat it. The pizza was to remain flat, as we were not 'gluttonous beasts'
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So, I had this friend whose family was really big on quiet time. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a little peace, but they took it to a whole new level. From like 7 PM to 9 PM, we basically had to tiptoe around the house. We couldn’t watch TV, play music, even talking had to be done in whispers. It felt a little bit like I’d walked into a library by accident, and honestly, it was sort of stifling.


Invited for a sleepover in middle school, told I couldn’t wear solid black clothing in the house. Black dress shoes for church was the only exception her parents allowed.

Someone threatened Sufficient-Run-7868 with a good time.

If we wanted to watch South Park we had to watch the daily show first, which honestly was great.


This restaurant’s house rules are properly jaw-dropping and got people asking: ‘Who’s eating here?’

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