Celebrity James Blunt

James Blunt wasn’t taking this old Paul Weller diss lying down and that’s entertainment!

Even by his own exalted standards, James Blunt has been having a bit of a moment on Twitter of late.

Just in the last week or so there was this.

And this.

And also this.

Oh, and especially this!

And we mention him again because this Paul Weller ‘diss’ cropped up on Twitter, and it’s fair to say the Godfather’s not keen on teaming up with Blunt any time soon.

It’s fair to say it’s not entirely new – 18 years old, in fact – and it’s what Weller told the Mirror apparently when it the Brit award organisers tugged the team pair up for a duet.

Whatever the truth of that, Blunt wasn’t having any of it and brought the feud, such as it was, bang up to date.

That’s entertainment!

Source @JamesBlunt