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Trump’s terrible dancing has finally been put to really good use

When Donald Trump goes head-to-head with Joe Biden in a presidential election rematch in November, he will do it as a convicted felon.

He has been found guilty of all 34 counts of fraud, relating to falsifying business records, making him the first US President, sitting or otherwise, to be convicted of a crime.

It was a cover-up of an attempted cover-up after he paid $130,000 in hush money to prevent adult film star Stormy Daniels from revealing the sexual encounter he still denies they had.

The verdict will be talked about for years, beginning with all the jokes on every social media platform. Here are a few from Twitter/X.

The very talented The Jase@jasemonkey – did a little of his video-editing magic to sum up Trump’s unfortunate situation, and he made that odd Trump dance worth watching.

Absolutely bananas!








It’s not the first time Jase has used his skills to savage Donald Trump …

And we’re sure it won’t be the last.

You can also find The Jase on YouTube, where he shares guitar lessons for a wide range of music.


Donald Trump is the first US President to be a convicted felon – 34 initial reactions

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