Weird World online selling wtf

This hilarious tale of a cut-price Vinted delivery gone horribly wrong is a proper stinker

Exhibit number 498 in why we’ve (mostly) given up buying or selling stuff online. Because you never quite know what you’re going to get … or who you’re going to have to deal with.

Except we’ve never had an experience quite so bad as this, an exchange which went viral after it was shared by @dmdramaa which specialises in ‘dramatic buying and selling DMs’.

And they surely don’t come too much more dramatic than this.

And here is the exchange in full!

What a bummer!

Except the buyer didn’t get quite the overwhelming degree of sympathy we were expecting.

Yeah, but it’s the principle surely. And the likely PTSD they’ll suffer after opening that package.

Tough crowd.

We’re with this person.

Lots more @dmdramaa here!

Source @dmdramaa