People are appalled by the number of potatoes in BBC Good Food’s Christmas dinner guide

Sorry to mention Christmas but the good people of BBC Good Food have caused something of a Twitter meltdown with their so-called guide to what to serve for Christmas dinner (or lunch, if you insist on calling it that).

Specifically, the number of potatoes you can expect on the big day, as highlighted by @Alice_Pope on Twitter.

‘I love BBC Good Food magazine but this is just all kinds of wrong, imagine a Christmas with one roast potato each,’ said Alice.

‘Two small or one large potato each is plenty, or increase if you want leftovers.’

And this is exactly what people made of that.

Such was the outrage that BBC Good Food felt compelled to ‘show their workings’ but it didn’t help much.


And just in case that hasn’t really got you in the festive spirit (of course it hasn’t)

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Source @Alice_Pope H/T Indy100 Images BBC Good Food