This whiny man-baby requested a $4 refund for coffee because the second date wasn’t soon enough

Over on TikTok, Katlyn Phipps has shared this post-first-date horror story that should be sponsored by a red flag manufacturer. Somebody has to make them, right?

She went out for coffee with someone she connected with on the dating app Hinge, only to receive a request for a $4 refund from her date. She explains why.


Things men have: the audacity

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Here’s a screenshot, so you can marvel at the gall at your leisure.

People wanted to know how the conversation went.

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Here’s Katlyn’s very reasonable reply.

The final post shares his reportedly delusional reply.

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If working 12-hour shifts at a hospital during a pandemic isn’t a good enough excuse to be too busy for a date, then nothing is. TikTok users were not impressed.

Someone suggested how Katlyn could have got in a final dig.

Revenge is a dish best served hot, with a dash of cream.


Man’s first date doesn’t work out, invoices woman £3.50 for her coffee

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