Benedict Cumberbatch trying to decipher Ariana Grande lyrics is all of us

BBC Radio One’s Greg James hosts a segment called ‘Unpopular Opinion’, in which members of the public call in with – well , obviously – their unpopular opinions for a guest celebrity to judge.

On Thursday, that celebrity was Marvel and Sherlock star, Benedict Cumberbatch, who – it turns out – is an Ariana Grande fan.

A caller named Alex shared her ‘unpopular’ opinion that Ariana Grande simply can’t be understood when she sings, so Benedict put that to the test.

Here’s how it went.

‘Something about a cat in an elevator.’

It seems that YouTube users couldn’t have made a better guess.

The Ariana Grande one is actually mind blowing. I just realized I didn’t understand either, haha.
Tipchutha Wetchakhongkitikorn

Benedict singing along to Ariana was hilarious! I’ve been an Ariana fan for a few years now and I have also realized that I can sing her songs in tune, but not with the proper lyrics! So I agree to that! 😆😆
Clarissa Egrubay

My Benedict-Ariana dreams have finally come true. I’m crying.

Max Flashheart had a suggestion.

Judging Artists by their Lyrical Clarity would be a good game to play.

Greg James, take note.

You can watch Benedict judge all the unpopular opinions here.

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