‘Hot Detectives In Your Area’ hilariously drags Holmes and Watson into the 21st century

Every day is a good day to check out what the very funny Alasdair Beckett-King is doing, and it’s a particularly good day when he shares a new sketch.

His latest piece captures the essence of the great detective himself, Sherlock Holmes, and his eager sidekick, Doctor John Watson. It’s not exactly a three-pipe problem.

Patience, Doctor Watson.

Pah, patience! A female is in distress, Holmes. She’s in our area.

YouTube user John73 John mused –

I guess she must’ve heard of Holmes’s reputation after he helped that Nigerian prince with his fortune.

Alasdair shared the post on Twitter, where it has been racking up the views and getting a lot of love.

These reactions have it covered.

Michael Finlay offered this informed praise.

Dumb and horny – the scammers’ perfect coupling.

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