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You don’t have to like F1 to appreciate this hilarious Rowan Atkinson theory at the British Grand Prix

We’ve watched a quite a bit of Formula 1 over the years but we’ve never seen anything on a race track as entertaining as this.

It’s the estimable Martin Brundle doing his usual pre-race interviews with the great and the good at the British Grand Prix at the weekend when he came across Rowan Atkinson.

And this person’s theory – that Atkinson was doing a Brundle impression without Brundle realising – is surely exactly on the money and it’s simply magnificent. Over to you, @neilallison.

Bravo, Rowan Atkinson.

There was a rival theory about the clip …

… and also this one.

But … nah, we’re sticking with the original. Just brilliant all round.


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Source @neilallison