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Nigel Farage’s maiden Commons speech was exactly as you’d expect and the look on this Lib Dem MP’s face surely spoke for us all

Along with the Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour landslide, the election also saw 5 Reform UK MPs elected to the House of Commons for the first time.

And when Parliament returned this week it meant Nigel Farage got to speak in the Commons for the first time as Lindsay Hoyle was re-elected as the House speaker.

And Farage’s debut was all you’d expect of the man – and less.

It prompted no end of reaction, as you might imagine – this person sums it up pretty well.

And we mention it because of the look on new Lib Dem MP James MacCleary’s face, highlighted in this post by Mark Kieran, and it surely speaks for us all.

Nailed it, sir!

A long parliamentary career surely awaits (no, not you Farage).

To conclude …


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