Politics lee anderson Reform UK self-owns

Lee Anderson described Reform UK as ‘the fox is in the hen house’ and it was a supremely satisfying self-own

It’s the first week back in the Commons after last week’s landslide Labour win, and no-one is keener to tell you about it than the five Reform UK MPs.

There’s no space here for all the various slo-mo and massively cringe-inducing videos which they’ve been pumping out, but there is room for this particular tweet by former Labour, former Conservative, and current Reform UK-er, Lee Anderson.

And we mention it because we can’t imagine how excited he presumably was to come up with the fox in the henhouse thing – or how excited he was after someone else came up with it – but it might be the truest thing he’s said.

Because – this.

Self-own of the week? Probably.

And they weren’t the only ones to point it out.

And also this.

And finally!


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