This ‘controversial opinion’ Tinder exchange escalated at the speed of sound and your jaw will be on the floor

We don’t know much (anything) about Tinder but by all accounts a little bit of small talk can go a very long way.

It was presumably with this thought front and centre that this person began a chat by sharing their ‘most controversial opinion’.

And if you think their take on Pringles is mildly off putting, it turns out you ain’t seen nothing yet.

‘Wow,’ said Chur2you who shared it on Reddit.

Once they Pop they can’t stop, presumably. And Grandpop. And Second Cousin …

Here’s what people made of it over on Reddit.

‘What a freak!!!

‘Who eats Pringles like that?’

‘Meh, IDK. Incest is relative.

‘Ah yes…the argument that the world is burning so let’s let family members screw. Why roam when you can get it at home?’

‘Just f-ck the pringles can?’


This hideously shouty boss’s fondness for bold and italics (and caps lock) got just the responses it deserved

Source Reddit u/Chur2you