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‘What makes you go from zero to 100 real quick?’ 18 most relatable things that give people the instant hump

We all have our triggers, the things that make us snap and see red in quick time.

So it was weirdly reassuring to read the responses to Reddit user @Tinyfireball17 when they asked:

“What makes you go from zero to hundred real quick?”


“Being accused of something I didn’t do or accused of lying when I am not.”


“’Well you must be lying because you’re getting so defensive about it’.”


“Telling me to do something I was already gonna do.”


“Being told to calm down when I haven’t started raising my voice.”


“Seeing someone litter within 50 feet of a trash can. like honestly, come on.”


“When the person behind me is driving with their hi-beams on.”


“When I try to lean forward but for no fucking reason the seatbelts decides “not today” and locks up. Makes me instantly want to rip the fucker out.”


“Drivers who pull out in front of me when there is absolutely no one behind me.”


“Someone repeatedly interrupting me speaking. I get so upset. I’ve learned to just stop talking and get away, because their bewilderment about why I’m disengaging is 1000% better than dealing with the fallout of me exploding at them.”